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Funky Friday Episode I

E3 SPECTACULAR ANNOUNCEMENT! Well not exactly; Funkmasonry Industries (ie. myself) isn't *quite* a big enough deal yet to make it to E3. However, I do have something to announce. Starting today, I'll be posting a short update about The Groov Cosmos every Friday. Let's kick things off with some new screenshots, fresh off the game-making presses.

These are two views of "Main Control," where you begin the journey that is The Groov Cosmos. Investigatory readers will note the second screenshot's similarity to a piece of concept art I posted a few months ago. Stay tuned for next week's episode of Funky Friday!



The Groov Cosmos: Real time audio effects

Here is a quick demonstration of some of the features of the music system I've been working on for "The Groov Cosmos."

The "wah-wah" sound of the guitar is being done in real time, and can oscillate along with the beat in a variety of ways (here it's set to a quarter note pulse). There is a triplet delay on the guitar and bullet synthesizer, which I turned the volume up on for demonstration purposes. Reverb levels can also also be tweaked in real time, with chorus hopefully soon to come. The setting of all of these effects can be applied independently to each instrumental voice in the song.

I slowed down the tempo of the song midway through the video to demonstrate how these effects adapt to the speed of the beat.

Hopefully this kind of stuff is interesting -- I'm hoping to be able to post some sort of combat footage in the near future!

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