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Funky Friday Ep. III: The Return of the Funksman

Low-Pass Aqueduct


Funky Friday Episode II

This week, on Funky Friday, we delve deep into the cavernous catacombs of a creepy cathedral. We're actually going to do that a lot. Every week, in fact. The whole game is set in a cathedral. I just really wanted to use a lot of alliteration in that first sentence.

I'm trying to stick to screenshots for now, because I don't card-carrying Funkmasons around the world to get TOO excited for The Groov Cosmos. And I also don't want to spoil the solution to the devilishly complex puzzle pictured below! That was a joke. It's a really simple puzzle.

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Funky Friday Episode I

E3 SPECTACULAR ANNOUNCEMENT! Well not exactly; Funkmasonry Industries (ie. myself) isn't *quite* a big enough deal yet to make it to E3. However, I do have something to announce. Starting today, I'll be posting a short update about The Groov Cosmos every Friday. Let's kick things off with some new screenshots, fresh off the game-making presses.

These are two views of "Main Control," where you begin the journey that is The Groov Cosmos. Investigatory readers will note the second screenshot's similarity to a piece of concept art I posted a few months ago. Stay tuned for next week's episode of Funky Friday!