Funkmasonry Industries creates music and games with the sole intention of educating the masses in the Way of the Funk.

With its self-titled debut album's release in 2007, Funkmasonry (the band) explored new areas of jazz, infusing the long-standing genre with elements of funk, instrumental hip hop, and electronica. Funkmasonry brought four long-time musical collaborators together in an epic attempt to create the ultimate jam session. Since the album's release, no more was heard from the band, save scattered reunion performances.

Then, in the waning months of 2008, something happened. Julian Kantor, the band's violinist and one half of its compositional team, worked feverishly to release Groov, a genre-bending musical dual-stick shooter, for Xbox Live Community Games. He was, of course, aided by the compositional support and trumpet stylings of band-mate Mark Ziffer.

With the release of Groov, the Funkmasonry concept evolved from a band into an entertainment label. Funkmasonry Industries will continue to provide the very finest of funk, in both music and game form, for many years to come.